Size Guide

Lingerie & Nightwear

Measuring way for Top or Bralette

Band way of measuring

Make sure you are wearing a soft bra or no bra at all. Use a soft measuring tape to measure from back to front. Bring the tape above the bust at band level. Make sure your elbows are down while you are measuring. Line up where your bra straps meet your cups.

The way of measuring your bust

Place measurement tape relaxed at the center of apex and measure across your fullest part of the bust. Your elbows should be down and the tape should lay comfortably on your body. Take a breath in and out and make sure the tape is not feeling too tight.

Measuring way for Pants or Panties

The way of measuring your waist (natural waist) 

Your natural waistline - is the narrowest area in your torso. The best way to find this point would be to bend to one side. This is where you should place the tape and measure.

The hip way of measuring

Hips are measured around your fullest part of hips and bottom (should be approximately 7"-9" below waistline) Stand straight on a level surface with feet closed together. Make sure the tape is parallel to the floor.