About me




How it all started ...
Weddings bring out the romantic soul in all of us. Planning a wedding is such an emotional, special and unique time as we connect with our families, our spouse and ourselves in many levels we had never connected before.
It is the first ‘Big Project’ with our spouse as a couple and that what makes it even more exciting.
Ever since graduating college, I have been designing mostly lingerie and evening wear. Getting married about two years ago made me realize I want to mix two of my biggest passions - wedding and lingerie - this is why I founded  - Très Sûr.
I am OBSESSED with lingerie fabrics and details. Lace, silk, chiffon, flowers, embroidery, beads and any other related materials just ‘melt my soul’.
I see lingerie pieces as jewelry since they are unique, detailed and sensuous pieces we wear in the most intimate moments with ourselves or with our ‘partner in crime’.
Lingerie is the first thing we wear before our skin and therefore we can connect to our inner soul more easily. Also, if we let it, lingerie can make us be someone else for a few hours.
I wanted to be able to make women feel sexy, gorgeous and unique by wearing my lingerie pieces in any related wedding occasion (wedding day or night, honeymoon and many anniversaries to come) and to bring out the ‘Wild Princess’ in their inner soul!
Forever yours,