About me




How it all started ...
After having more than 12 years of experience designing mostly lingerie, swim and bridal/evening wear, I decided to found Très Sûr.
This brand was created out of the love for beautiful fabrics, silhouettes and details. Lace, silk, flowers, embroidery - you name it - they all make my heart skip a beat.
I see lingerie pieces as jewelry since they are unique, detailed and sensuous pieces we wear in the most intimate moments with ourselves or with our ‘partner in crime’.
Lingerie is the first and last garment we wear before our skin. If we allow it, lingerie can make us be or feel someone else. Even if it's only for a few hours.
I want women to feel sexy, gorgeous and unique by wearing my lingerie pieces and to bring out the Wild Princess in each and every one of them!
Forever yours,