TESTING 2 - Our Story

Très Sûr (French for Very Sure) is a Los Angeles, California-based, bridal lingerie designer brand.
Founded in by designer Jasmine Kedem, Très Sûr set itself the goal to make women feel beautiful, desirable and unique by connecting them to their inner ‘Wild Princess’.
Très Sûr is catering to confident,
empowered women who believe
in themselves and in the choices
they make.

We strive to create the trendiest,
sexiest and sophisticated
wedding lingerie for any related
wedding occasion: from
bachelorette party to wedding
night, honeymoon and many
anniversaries to come!

Our collections are storytelling,
emotional & nostalgic, and can
be passed on by each bride to
the next generation as a dowery.
Our wedding vow to you is to be forever yours!
Bridal lingerie branding hang tags gold foilWoven gold lurex labels for wedding lingeriesatin padded hangers for wedding lingerie